Hillsborough Gets Strict About Ridesharing

Hillsborough County has been cracking down on ridesharing companies like Uber and Lyft ever since House Bill 509 did not pass in early March.

This bill was presented by Matt Gaetz hoping to provide regulations throughout the state. Florida lawmakers turned the bill down and refused to side with ridesharing companies.

In the last month, over thirty drivers were given citations from the Hillsborough Public Transportation Commission. There were a total of four citations that cost up to $900. One of them included a $500 citation for operating a public vehicle without a certificate.

Drivers for Uber and Lyft are not only frightened, but upset that the state is not doing anything about this— drivers like Chauncey Ball.

“I think that the people that’s really sending citations to this new procedure of transportation should just look deeper into it, because a lot of people are scared of change,” Ball said. “This is just a new generational wave that a lot of people is (sic) not accepting at this time.”

Florida State Representative Matt Gaetz wanted to reassure drivers that “Help is on the way.”

Meanwhile, Uber and Lyft are paying for the citations given to drivers. They say they are standing by their drivers.