Chasco Fiesta brings New Port Richey citizens together

Born in 1922, Chasco Fiesta has been a staple of Pasco County over the past hundred years. Citizens looked for a way to bring more families into the community while also raising money for the local library. New Port Richey’s first postmaster, Gerben DeVries, inspired by his love for the Indian tribes, created a fictional dance pageant. The event takes place right on the Pithlachascotee River in downtown New Port Rickey.

Chasco Fiesta features memorabilia from past events. They feature information on how it started, who started it, and what types of events were held in each fiesta.

The Chasco Fiesta today has a host of events during its 9-day annual calendar. Starting off with a street parade and ethnic dance with native counterparts and leads off with a carnival in downtown New Port Richey, giving families the opportunity to bring their kids down for some enjoyment.

Chasco Fiesta has many rides for families to come and enjoy. One of those rides includes the Sea Ray Orbiter ride.

Many large country talents have made their way through Chasco along their path to stardom. One in particular being country superstar Blake Shelton, who once performed at Chasco over a decade ago. Cami Austin, chairman of the steering committee, says, “We  pride ourselves on finding talent out there no one has heard of yet; it is what makes Chasco unique.”

Chasco Fiesta features live performances from country singers who are not yet well known. These performances are considered to be the thing to make Chasco unique.

Resident Tyler Letts describes Chasco as an event where all aspects of Pasco are brought into one place. “Holiday, New Port Richey and Trinity are all kind of broken up, so an event like this is really good to bring everyone in the community together”. When we talk about the community, Chasco does a great benefit for many local charitable organizations.

Chasco Fiesta celebrates all of the well known people in New Port Richey’s history; one of those well known people includes Dr. Edwin C. Brookman, one of New Port Richey’s first physicians in 1950. 

Austin describes Chasco as a “guardian angel” for some organizations because they rely on the funds they receive from Chasco to last them for their year-round operating expenses. She added, “We plan on making Chasco bigger and better every year, it’s our responsibility as long as I am head of the committee to make sure that happens.”

Chasco Fiesta features pictures and memorabilia of well known people from the past.