Florida Focus News Brief Feb. 10, 2016

In this episode: a student was arrested for loading a gun on a school bus, a shoplifter’s death is ruled a homicide, arrests are made in a string of car burglaries, a stolen car is crashed through a house, and the Medical Center of Trinity is lighting up red.


Florida Focus Feb. 9, 2016

In this episode: Tampa Bay Crime Stoppers is working to deter gun violence; a Florida law firm is filing an energy drink lawsuit; medical marijuana legalization is resurfacing in the Florida House; Tampa Bay’s tourism industry is growing; the Tampa Bay Rays are releasing ticket promotions.


Florida Focus Health Brief 11-18-2015

In this Florida Focus Health Brief: Warnings are being posted by Florida beaches with bacteria risk; a study links obesity with early onset of Alzheimher’s; contact wearers are at hygiene risk; a CDC report shows that your heart age could be older than the rest of your body

Producer: Allison Leslie
Director: Brooke Harris
Anchor: Jason Raven
Technical Director: Bridget White
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Graphic Operator: Alexandra Abraham
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Camera Operators: Christi Owiye and Doug Calderone
Teleprompter: Krista Gutierrez
Web Producer: Allison Lippitt
Graduate Assistant: Brooke Harris and Danielle Quichocho
Faculty Advisors: Cathy Gugerty



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Florida Focus 11-17-2015

In this Florida Focus News Brief: A fatal car crash kills a man and closes a busy road; HART uses taxis for speedy transportation services; Pinellas High School received fake shooting threats; State House rejects stronger “Stand Your Ground” Law; Bank of America ranks lowest in customer satisfaction

Producer: Allison Leslie
Director: Bridget White
Anchor: Alexandra Abraham
Technical Director: Jason Raven
Graphics Builder: Daniel Trujillo and Elizabeth Rutherford
Graphics Operator: Elizabeth Rutherford
Audio: Bianca Montenegro
Camera Operator: Allison Lippitt and Edna Ruiz
Teleprompter: Rickey Kim
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Graduate Assistants: Brooke Harris and Danielle Quichocho
Faculty Advisor: Cathy Gugerty

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