Bomb Threat, Medical Marijuana Bill, Teachers Pay Raise And More

Hernando County Bomb Threat

A bomb threat forced an evacuation at a Sears located in Brooksville. Hernando County Police rescinded to the call this afternoon and commenced an investigation. Sheriff Al Been-Hise later informed the public that investigators found no evidence of a bomb on site. An investigation into who called in the hoax and why is on-going.

Medical Marijuana Bill Under Consideration

The smoking ban on medical marijuana is heading back to the state senate. Legislators are considering a number of changes to laws including how patients are prescribed the drug. Currently, the bill addresses how many doctors must sign off before a patient is given medical marijuana. Just last week, a bill was passed that would ban patients from rolling their own joints. This would require patients to buy pre-rolled filtered ones from a dispensary. The bill prompted questions on if the policy was simply a play for the marijuana dispensary industry. With the smoking ban heading back to the senate, it’s important to remember Gov. DeSantis called for lawmakers to eliminate the smoking ban last month.

Hillsborough Teachers Getting Pay Raise

Teachers at 50 struggling schools will see their salaries increase starting next school. Hundreds of Hillsborough County teachers could see themselves earning up to $13,000 more per year. The new incentives are part of a three-year program called spark. The county is using $17 million in federal funds to pay for the new program. There are currently about 200 classroom vacancies—most of which are in low-performing schools.

Polk County Firefighters Reach Impasse

Polk County firefighters and county administrators have reached an impasse in their union negotiations for a new contract. The impasse is due to in large part to the union believing competitive salaries are needed to be able to keep their employees. Polk County Fire Rescue responds to almost as many calls as their counterparts with half the man power. Union officials say they created an atmosphere of low morale in which they are also forcing employees to work overtime and to cover open shifts. County officials offered the union a long-term contract of three and a half years to no avail. With the two sides failing to reach an agreement, the state has ruled that the parties must go to arbitration. The parties will appear in front of a magistrate to decide what the contract will look like.

Love Your Pet Today

Today is National Love Your Pet Day so go pamper your pets. If you’ve been searching for a new pup or kitty, the Humane Society of Tampa Bay is the place to visit. They’re open seven days a week and currently have an abundance of cute animals looking for a new home. Check out the Humane Society of Tampa Bay’s website for more information.


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