Newspaper Map Allows Users to Read Foreign News

The news is being covered all around the world. Our digital world is becoming more connected, yet most journalists don’t have a way to read and interpret foreign news without being bilingual or using an interpreter.

Newspaper Map is powered by Google Translate. Its goal is to allow any person who speaks any language supported by Google Translate an opportunity to read and engage in foreign news.

The home page of this website works similar to Google Earth. Use the + and – symbols to zoom in and out of the current selection. Click and drag your cursor to move around the map. The different colors on the map represent the many different languages that news was in a specific region was published in.

Filtering languages can be done by clicking the “Filter language” dropdown menu at the top of the page and selecting the desired language to search.

I wanted to filter for articles that were written in French. The color for articles written in French is white. So, all the white marks on the map represent all news articles written in French. If desired, users can type in a search for a specific paper or place. Use the “Paper” and “Place” search boxes also found at the top of the page.

To read foreign news stories, click on any of the marks. Some publications are more active than others, so click different marks to find current and relevant news stories. Make sure you have pop-up blocker disabledĀ for this website or Google Translate will not appear.

The articles I found were only 22 minutes old and was translated at the click of a button. The ability to read through a foreign news story without the use of a human interpreter is efficient and incredibly helpful for all aspiring journalists who wish to focus on worldwide news.