How To Find Information By Using A Name

In today’s society, it has become increasingly less difficult to find out who a person really is. With the existence of social media, a simple click can help anyone navigate through someone’s life. Pipl is an extremely helpful tool for employers because it allows them to put a face to a name and gain a bit more insight into an individual.

This tool can be helpful for anyone who wishes to gain further information on someone. Personally, I am always on edge and would rather know as much information as possible about someone before meeting them. To use the program, all you need to know is someone’s name, and that’s really it.

To start, go to

Click inside the box and type in a name, email, username or phone number to look up a specific person. You can also enter their location in the location box.

After you type in your preferred method of a search, click the search icon.

Once you click the icon, a page with a list of names that match your search will appear.

You can then scroll to browse additional options in your search.

Once you find who you’re looking for, click on their name. If the person you are searching for has a social media outlet such as Facebook, that link will appear.

If your searched person has set up a social media account, Pipl will redirect you to their profile page. If you are redirected to Facebook, you can decide to either log into or sign up for an account to see more of a person’s profile.

If your person does not have a social media account, it will show a page similar to the one below.

Once the results are in, a lot of necessary information can be found when you’ve located the person you’re looking for. Information such as age, career, education, area of residence and phone number is available on the site.

This is one of many verification tools to use to help fact check certain things. Other verification tools check specific things such as online images and videos. A list of other tools can be found here.