Dave’s Christmas Tree Lot is Kicking off the Holidays Early

By Aldo Puccini

Don’t look now but Christmas isn’t too far away. With that comes shopping for gifts and decorating the house to fit the holiday mood. The most integral component to all home Christmas decorations is the holiday’s iconic tree.

Dave’s Christmas Lot, the family-owned company is now open on the corner of Lumsden and Parsons in Brandon. Dave’s has been helping families in Hillsborough County get ready for the holidays since 1998. This Christmas will mark the 20th year that the tree lot has been operating in Brandon.

All of the lot’s trees are specifically selected from North Carolina Mountains and are cut in the colder months to preserve their needles. They also provide a wide variety of choices. The lot contains Grand Fir, Noble Fir, Fraser Fir, Douglas Fir, Black Spruce, Blue Spruce, and Scotch Pines.

“I have Noble Fir, which comes from out west, those are really expensive but they’re really beautiful trees,” said Kandy Bee, one of the staff members at the lot. “Then we have the Fraser Fir which comes from North Carolina and those are medium, and then we have a few Black Spruce that is medium size.”

In regard to pricing, Bee says that depends on the size, height, and type of tree. She also offered some helpful advice for when picking out a tree and then taking care of it through the holidays.

“The best thing you want to do, is first, check the height of your ceiling and make sure you have a tree that’s going to fit,” said Bee. For her second tip, Bee suggests grabbing the branches of the tree you’re interested in. The number of needles that fall off when grabbing the branch indicate how dry the tree is. If a lot of needles fall off, the tree is too dry.

Bee’s number one tip for taking care of a new tree is hydration.

“The biggest care for a tree is just water,” says Bee. “Make sure you keep it watered. The first week you really want to water it every single day.”

The tree lot opened up on the day before Thanksgiving and will be open through Christmas Eve. On Monday through Thursday, the lot is open from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. On the weekends, the lot opens a bit earlier, as it’s open from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. Aside from traditional Christmas trees, the lot provides customers with fresh wreaths and poinsettias that will help get any home into the holiday spirit.

“The biggest rush we get is usually on the weekends,” said Bee. “On the weekends it gets crazy in here.”

For customers that are looking to start their home decorations but either can’t find the time to make it to Dave’s or don’t want to make the trip, the lot does offer delivery.

Dave’s Christmas Tree Lot is in Brandon at 106 E. Lumsden Avenue.