USF Students Find Internships Using Handshake

The Office of Internships and Career Readiness at the University of South Florida is making it easier for students to search for internships. Handshake is a database that delivers internship opportunities straight to students in an app and website. Students create a free profile with their interests, such as the kinds of work they want to go in or job types.

“Handshake offers opportunities primarily within the U.S. but we do have some employers that have branches internationally,” said Lynn Chisholm, director of the Office of Internships and Career Readiness.

Global opportunities are also offered through Handshake. In addition to helping students find internships, the office also shows students how to conduct a good internship search.

“We help students understand different types of internships because sometimes when you haven’t spent a lot of time investigating it, it’s surprising the broad range of opportunities that exist for our students.”

The Handshake system has offered students internships at Google, in Japan and even Wall Street in New York City.

“Any place that a student might hope to gain experience, they can go.”

USF student Brianna Froncillo found her internship using the Handshake system.

“I started to get nervous because I didn’t know if I was going to find one in time before I graduated.” Thanks to Handshake, Brianna now works in event management for USF Athletics.

“I want to be a sports broadcaster and I know those kinds of internships are usually hard to get without any experience first, so I’m really happy to be doing what I’m doing so I can get my foot in the door.”

Handshake saves students time since it constantly updates its listings. Many other websites leave internship listings up past the initial deadline to apply. Some even leave listings up for internships from years ago. Situations like this are what makes it difficult for students trying to find internships. So, USF wants to make sure students know about this free resource to make finding an internship more efficient.

Apart from the Handshake system, career readiness also offers a non-academic credit internship course. The Career Readiness Badging Program allows students who are doing unpaid internships, such as for nonprofits or within the entertainment industry, to gain credits that they may need. Or students can simply take the course for no credits, without having to pay the tuition, and just benefit from what it offers.

The badging program helps students learn or strengthen their skills when it comes to what they may need to land an internship. The program focuses on communication for interviews, resume help and even tips on how to present yourself for an interview or in the workplace.

To sign up for a Handshake account, log on to or download the app: Handshake Jobs & Careers.