USF Computer Engineering Student Balances School and Athletics

College students usually have a hard time finding an equal balance between school and other activities. Engineering has some of the most demanding workloads at The University of South Florida and finding a balance within this major can be difficult.

Emily Cardella, a USF Computer Engineering student, has found a balance between two very prominent parts of her life. On campus, you can catch Cardella studying various types of coding and software. Off-campus, Cardella joins her teammates at The Claw golf course.

“Playing Division one golf while being an engineering student, some might say is crazy, and it is,” said Cardella.

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Cardella inherited her love for the game, as well as her fascination with computers and engineering from her father. She was raised around the USF culture, so when it came time to pick a college, there was no question of where she would go.

“My dad graduated from USF in 1996 with his Mechanical Engineering degree. He is the person who inspired me to come to USF,” said Cardella.

Cardella’s father, a USF alumnus, is currently the Director of Engineering for GE Aviation in Pinellas County. GE Aviation is a worldwide provider of commercial, military, business and general components for aircraft.

“I’ve interned for the past two summers at GE Aviation where I was writing test procedure software for the flight management systems of the Lockheed Martin, the LM100J and the Boeing 777X,” said Cardella.

Cardella first became interested in working on coding and testing specifically for aviation during her junior year, when she first shadowed a computer engineer at GE Aviation. From there she started her summer internships and getting real-world experience in the field.

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“I was really excited to work on technology that is going into aircrafts someday,” said Cardella.

In the future, Cardella hopes to create software that can be used in the creation, testing and operation of planes and race cars. While it is clear that Cardella has excelled in her Computer Engineering major; she thanks USF, her professors and her classmates for her accomplishments.

“The program at USF is tremendous…USF has given me every opportunity to succeed and be successful,” said Cardella.

When Cardella was recently asked if there was any time, in the past four years, when she wanted to quit golf and focus on her computer engineering, she answered, “not one bit. This is absolutely worth it.”

Before starting school at USF, Cardella had minimal knowledge of engineering and was only just beginning to focus on improving her skills as a golf player. Cardella was determined to succeed in both parts of her life and she has done just that.

“Even if you have zero experience, if you’re passionate about it, you can press forward, and you can do it,” said Cardella.

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