Your Tuesday News Roundup: Free Ride To The Polls, Election Day Deals and More

By Nicholas Cunfer and Josh Fiallo

Here is your daily news roundup for today’s top stories in the Tampa Bay Area.

HART Buses To Offer Free Rides To Polls

It’s not too late to vote in today’s general election — and the Hillsborough Area Regional Transit Authority (HART) is here to help.

With polls open until 7 p.m. tonight in Hillsborough County, a valid voters registration card can be used to ride HART’s public buses to polling stations inside the county for free, the organization announced last week.

Once at polling stations, voters will have a chance to vote on an issue that directly effects the bus they arrived on as one of the decisions voters face on the general election ballot is a one-penny-on-the-dollar sales tax increase for transportation improvements, including more HART buses.

Ride-sharing services Uber and Lyft will also be offering discounted rides to polling stations, the companies announced.

Voters who are in line by 7 p.m. at polling stations will still be allowed to vote.

Vote Today? Use Your Sticker For Beer And Movie Deals, Not Just A Selfie

Millers Ale House will offer $1 beers to anybody who shows their “I Voted” sticker on Tuesday night.

You’ve seen it in selfies and nearly everywhere since early voting started: The famous “I Voted” sticker.

Now the sticker has an additional purpose — getting you $1 beer on Election Tuesday.

Miller’s Ale House, which has a location near Tampa International and at University Mall, says it’ll offer a $1 beer to anybody who flashes their sticker.

At Tampa Height’s Hidden Springs Ale Works, patrons who show their sticker will receive one beer — completely free of charge. A couple of miles south in Downtown Tampa, Tampa Theatre is hosting a special election-night movie showing for free to those who can prove they voted earlier today or during early voting.

Bus Brawl In North Port Sends Two Woman To Hospital

The crime scene where two women fought and were eventually transported to the hospital from. [North Port Police Department]
A violent brawl broke out between two women at an elementary school bus stop in North Port on Tuesday morning, which ended in one being airlifted to a hospital and the other transported by ambulance, police say.

The North Port Police Department says the fight happened around 7:45 a.m. at a school bus stop.

Police say one woman broke a coffee mug during the fight and attempted to use shards of it as a weapon.

An investigation is continuing, police say.

Car Burglars Wanted By HCSO

A man wanted by HCSO in connection to car burglaries in Ruskin. [Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office]
Car burglars that were captured on tape in Ruskin on Tuesday are wanted by the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office.

Newly released surveillance video clearly shows one of four suspects involved in a series of car burglaries.

Anyone who recognizes these suspects is asked to call the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office at 813-247-8200. See photo above for a screenshot of one of the men wanted in connection with the crime.

TECO Customers To Receive Lower Power Bills

[Wikimedia Commons, Matthew Paul Argall]
Tampa Electric says its customers will see its rates begin to drop this month, driven by cheaper fuel, large solar projects coming online and a reduction in taxes.

Starting in January, Tampa Electric’s price for 1,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity will fall to $99.53, it announced in a news release, compared to the September 2018 rate of $105.16. That rate includes the flat customer service charge, fuel charge per kilowatt-hour and energy charge per kilowatt-hour.

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