Wednesday’s Top News: Storm Surge, Supreme Court Applicants and more

Here’s some top news for Wednesday.

Hurricane Michael’s impact on the Bay area

Hurricane Michael has ravaged the Florida Panhandle. As the Category 4 Hurricane strikes the northwest, the Bay area is preparing for possible storm surge.

Storm surge is at its highest during high tide. Two to six feet of storm surge is predicted from Tampa Bay to Citrus County.

Both Tarpon Springs and Clearwater saw flooding this morning and rain chances continue on into tomorrow morning. TECO and Duke Energy are sending crews once the storm has passed to help with recovery efforts.

Up for crabs: Hurricane Michael can be good news for crab season

Hurricane Michael isn’t only bringing bad news. Due to the storm, the water may bring on an increase in the harvesting of stone crabs.

Hurricane Michael will bring in a lot of debris and dirty water, which can become a good thing for crabbers. Crabs are more likely to walk around in silty water because it lowers their vulnerability to predators.

Red Tide feeds off of warm water and sunlight, so many crabbers are hopeful that the storm will cool down the water. Scientists don’t agree on the outcome that Hurricane Michael can have on crabbing season. Some believe it can break up Red Tide, while others believe it will just move it around.

Supreme Court applicants

Governor Rick Scott wants to appoint new justices before he leaves office in January.

There are 59 applicants up for the three positions of the Florida Supreme Court, including six local judges. The Supreme Court Judicial Nominating Commission will meet tomorrow and decide who will advance into the process.

$60 million medical investment

A cardiologist is moving a medical device company to Tampa after investing $60 million dollars in clinical testing.

Dr. Kiran Patel hopes the new heart device will help diabetic patients.

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