Thursday’s Top News: Man Killed in Fight, Corn Mazes at Sweetfields Farm, and More

Man killed During Early Morning Fight

A man was killed in St. Petersburg early this morning after a fight. It happened on a porch around 2 a.m. The man was severely injured and died on the way to the hospital.

The two men were half-brothers in their late 20’s. According to police, one brother killed the other during the fight.

The suspect tried to drive away from the scene but crashed his car a half mile away. He was taken into custody.

Gun Swap for Cash in Hillsborough County

The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office is holding an event in the Tampa Bay area to swap guns for cash. Anyone can anonymously drop off firearms with no questions asked. This will be done as a drive-thru service.

The driver does not need to leave the car. A law enforcement officer will come to your window, you will hand them the gun(s) and the officer will give you $50 in cash for each gun. Once the guns are collected they will be destroyed.

The gun swap will happen on Saturday, October 6 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. “The event will take place rain or shine at two different locations – the Falkenburg Road Jail at 520 N Falkenburg Rd in Tampa, and the Hillsborough County West Service Unit at 9805 Sheldon Rd in Tampa,” the sheriff’s office said.

Governor Race Heats Up in Florida

Ron DeSantis came to Tampa today to campaign for the Governor race in Florida. DeSantis had a meet and greet with bay area voters in Ybor City.

His mission “is to do everything we can to rally the troops, get our folks out so we can protect Florida’s future for generations.”

During the meet and greet DeSantis talked about high paying jobs, taxes and senior Medicare benefits. The bay area can expect to see a lot more of the gubernatorial candidates in the coming weeks. A new poll released Tuesday shows DeSantis and Andrew Gillum in a dead heat.

Playing with Puppies and Relieving Stress

The University of South Florida started their midterm exams this week. Students are studying and stressing about their exams. So, Project PUP, Pets Uplifting People, brought in some puppies to USF to help students cope with stress.

Project PUP serves the Tampa Bay area including Pinellas, Hillsborough and Pasco County.

Corn Mazes and Pumpkins and Hay Rides Oh My!

Florida’s weather may not feel like fall, but people can still enjoy the best of the season. This may mean a trip to the Sweetfields Farm for the Tampa Bay area. It is located in Brooksville. They will have pumpkins, hayrides, farm animals and a corn maze.

The festivities started on Sept. 29 and will continue through Nov. 4. Ticket details, dates and times of the event can be found on their website at


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