Tractor Takes Police on Slow-Speed Chase

Featured image ISED_Tractor In Field_Equipment by ISED Solutions (CC BY)

The average speed of a tractor in the United States is 20 to 25 mph.

Drivers in rural areas know this all too well. Tractors slow down two-lane traffic and drive people trying to get to work crazy.

But in downtown Denver?

According to Fox News, a driver of a stolen John Deere tractor decided to test Denver police’s nerves Friday.

The pursuit began in the City Park area, where the Denver Zoo is located, and developed into a slow 30-minute chase, eventually ending in the city’s Lower Downtown neighborhood, near the Coors Field baseball stadium, Denver Police spokesman Tyrone Campbell told Denver’s KMGH-TV.

Authorities said the tractor hit multiple vehicles and some buildings were damaged. Police decided to stop the tractor by striking it head-on to end the chase before any pedestrians got hurt.

The suspect gave authorities a run for their money, swerving onto the sidewalk and in and out of traffic.

Viewers of the pursuit were shocked by the number of police cars that followed the tractor. One man compared the chase to a parade due to the stream of cruisers.

Unless he mowed over someone with that tractor, I think this is a bit overkill on the police side. That’s 11 police cars…

Posted by Waylon Schutt on Saturday, July 21, 2018

Out of all the participants in the slow-speed pursuit, two police officers and the suspect were injured.

CBS Denver reported that the driver had been identified by police Sunday.

NEW INFO:Denver police identified the man accused of stealing a Denver Water tractor and leading them on a chase through downtown Denver as 38-year-old Thomas Busch.

Posted by CBS Denver on Sunday, July 22, 2018

Now that he’s been identified, maybe he can answer everyone’s questions. For one, where exactly was he going?

Wherever his destination might have been, at least he used his flashers to alert other drivers.

Some Twitter users even remixed the videos that surfaced into music videos.

However, this isn’t quite the typical music video for a country song.