White man calls police after being fouled during pickup game

By Henry Brown

After Donald Trump became president, racial discrimination has been surfacing on social media. From calling the police for going to the pool to now getting fouled at a basketball pickup game.

According to the New York Post, cops responded to a call late Monday at an LA Fitness about an “aggressive screen” from a player.

A “screen” is a blocking move by an offensive player, by standing behind or beside a defender. This move is used to free a player from an opponent to drive, pass, or score the ball. This move is innocently used throughout the courts in the U.S.

“No punches were thrown. Nothing.”

A witness tweeted a photo of the police questioning the people involved. The man in the blue gym shorts was identified as the person who committed the foul.

After this tweet, the hashtag #FlagrantFreddy went viral joining #PermitPatty and #CouponCarl. These situations are the result of a white person racially profiling a black person for doing normal things like using a coupon at a grocery store and having a barbecue at a park.


None of the other players took the “injured” player seriously until he went to the front desk to complain. Then, the LA Fitness desk called the dispatcher for assault on the court.

A witness recorded video of the deputies arriving at what they thought was a fight.

“This is my first basketball foul,” said the deputy.

After the dramatic incident, the “injured” player actually ended up finishing the game.

The story was featured on Revolt TV’s “Donkey of the Day” radio broadcast by Charlamagne the God.

This is nothing new. The U.S. has a long history of racism. According to a study conducted by the Domestic Human Rights Program of Amnesty International, racial profiling has increased since the 9/11 attacks.