Florida Focus News Brief April. 10, 2018

In this news brief:  The Pinellas County school board approves new start times for most schools in the district; it’s equal pay day, and women are calling for an end to the wage gap. Two Sarasota police officers are injured after being hit by a car; there’s a new quick and easy way to save money at the gas pump.

Anchor: Jessica Lang, Camera Operator: Hannah Yechivi, Floor Manager: Hannah Yechivi, Graphics: Amy Gonzalez, Nada Blassy and Olivia Forbis Technical Director: Kimmy Traub,Audio: Sabrina Olivier,Prompter: Nathalie Moreau, Radio: Olivia Forbis, Director: Adam Zubek , Web Content: Amy Gonzalez , Faculty Advisor: Cathy Gugerty,Graduate Assistant: Kelsey Baker
Teaching Assistant: Dakota Galvin