5 Reasons Why Everyone Should Attend Roast Battles

  1. Comedy competitions are mean but friendly.

Roasting has been around for decades. But, the excitement-inducing rap-battle/Friars Club Roast hybrid is only a young, alternative addition to the comedy world. It is believed to be a product of the Los Angeles comedy scene but has spread across the country like wildfire.

Which is an interesting coincidence because some of the things the comedians say to each other are like searing balls of fire spewing from their mouths. But, oh how it is entertaining.

There are other battles in places like New York and other big cities, and the interest is growing among comedians and audience members.

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  1. Roasts are a big part of comedy history.

Formal roasts with then Roastmaster Dean Martin would be a glamorous event including a dais of men and women comedians. Each of them would approach the podium and deliver the meanest yet funniest jokes that their minds could conceive. It became a way to honor a comedian or person of interest. Some of the biggest names in comedy and pop culture have been roasted, like Don Rickles, Bob Hope, and even President Donald Trump had his life held to the flames.

Comedy Central started doing their own roasts years ago and have continued to do them, which has made them a big part of pop culture.

  1. Everyone secretly wants to be a little mean.

It is human nature to get angry, sometimes. It is just a common emotion that human beings have to deal with on a regular basis.

But our society has created laws, manners and a social decorum that most try to live by. Although, on occasion, people don’t care about those things.

It is evident through the constant evolution of crime and war over human history, that anger isn’t going anywhere.

Maybe that is the reason Ann Coulter said yes to the Rob Lowe Roast when she knew she would be targeted.

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  1. Roasts are great with friends.

The show is perfect for a group of friends that loves messing with one another’s self-esteem Although, it may not be the best place for a date. If a girl sees a guy laughing at an extremely dark or mean joke, it could affect him negatively. But then again, it could bring someone closer.

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  1. It is the best entertainment when drinking.

If a person gets mean when they’re drunk, maybe instead, one should attend and even participate in a roast battle. They help focus one’s anger on a productive outlet. Even if you are a happy drunk, it is a cathartic time for most.

By Rachel Rowan