Mini Doughnut Factory Celebrates First Birthday

Mini Doughnut Factory Turns One

Tampa — They may be tiny, but they are the hottest shop on the block. The Mini Doughnut Factory is celebrating their one-year anniversary and the Tampa Bay community couldn’t be happier.

“I’m a regular customer, I come here all the time,” says customer Geena Casey, “I’m so happy for them reaching their one year anniversary.”

This is the first retail location in the country that specializes in gourmet miniature doughnuts.

The owners thought of the idea a few years prior to opening the factory but since it’s opening, they never looked back. In fact, they have plans to open another store in St. Petersburg in the beginning of 2017.

“Pat and Zee had the idea for about three years and just decided to go for it and now they are about to open another store,” employee Kayleigh Frank tells us.

Saturday and Sunday are when you will most likely notice a line wrapped around the building on South Dale Mabry Highway, and while this makes employees like Frank very busy, this makes the owners, Pat and Zee, extremely happy.

“The weekends are definitely the busiest but it just means we are getting more business so I can’t complain,” Frank says.

From bacon to Pop Rocks to Sriracha hot sauce, the toppings at the factory are endless.

For more information on the Mini Doughnut Factory, including store hours, head to their Facebook page here,