More Than Meets the Eye At Office of Orientation

The University of South Florida’s Office of Orientation has a reputation around campus for being peppy tour guides.

While this isn’t a bad reputation to have, it also isn’t what they truly stand for.

If you visit this office on campus you’ll find that the students who work there care a lot more about the university and its students than you think.

Office of Orientation office staff member and former Orientation Team Leader, Brooke Aronow, loves the feeling of giving back.

“I love orientation because it gives me the opportunity to talk to students and make them feel comfortable about coming to USF. I love being able to be an input and give them guidance on this transition.”

The office has been around for about 20 years now and each year, they are working to improve their programs. Right now, their office consists of office staff workers, orientation leaders, family leaders and transition mentors, each playing a key role in the orientation process.

In previous years, the school handled orientation differently but since this office came to be, students have been able to feel better prepared for the next four years of their lives.

The two programs that are now offered through the office are First Year programs and Transfer programs, each catering to a different student population.

Each year, the senior staff works to develop more innovative programs and ways to keep the students engaged.

It is safe to say that this office is the first point of contact for many students, and without them, the USF experience might be very different.