Bulls Radio program “Talk Di Tings” connects with USF’s Caribbean student culture


TAMPA— Students from the Caribbean have a significant presence at USF, from Club Creole to the Dominican American Student Association. Now, thanks to a group of Jamaican international students, there is even a Caribbean radio show.

“We named the show Talk Di Tings,” said Sunil Collins, co-creator and co-host of the show. “That’s kind of a Caribbean dialect for ‘talk the things.’ The things being things that are happening. Whatever is happening right now, we’re gonna tell you how we view it from a Caribbean perspective.”

Collins and co-creator Daniel Perry got the idea for the show in the summer of 2014. Their goal was to have a show filled with music and conversation a Caribbean audience could relate to.

“In coming to USF, a lot of international students, including myself, feel homesick,” said Perry. “We are in a foreign country with a foreign culture. In creating a show that can relate to the upbringing and culture of my Caribbean people, I hope listening gives them a piece of home here.”

Staying connected with their listeners is a priority for the Talk Di Tings crew. They use Instagram, Twitter and YouTube to engage listeners, posting videos, questions and snippets of the show. Talk Di Tings teamed up with the Caribbean Culture Exchange and hosted a party to promote the show and show the listeners a good time.

“We always dance and have fun in the studio, and we want to bring that vibe to our listeners,” Collins said. “We want them to feel like they are in the studio with us each time they tune in.”

Talk Di Tings airs Sundays at 10 p.m. on WUSF-89.7 in Tampa and can be streamed worldwide at BullsRadio.org.