Taco Bus conquers Tampa with its popular Mexican food truck


Taco Bus provides Tampa with a unique and authentic dining experience while bringing a little bit of Mexico to the area.

It all started with a single bus 20 years ago. Today, Taco Bus restaurants still offer the same food the owner from Mexico served when he first opened his small business.

“He basically changed the name, added a food truck to it, and now, we’re at five locations,” said Aaron Lucas, the general manager of Taco Bus in Tampa and St. Petersburg.

The modern food truck trend began in 2008 in California. Since then, it has made its way eastward. Taco Bus was one of the first original food trucks in St. Petersburg. Lucas even thinks it might now be the most famous food truck in Florida.

The original Taco Bus is located on Hillsborough Avenue in Tampa. Other locations include St. Petersburg, USF Tampa, downtown Tampa and Brandon.

Taco Bus specializes in fast, authentic Mexican food for every taste and preference. The restaurant even offers vegan and vegetarian options. The menu includes everything from shredded pork tortas to vegan “steak” strip tostadas.

“You feel good after eating it,” said Barry Egan, a true regular at Taco Bus. “It’s not like fast food that you regret half an hour later.”

Lucas has been in the restaurant industry for about 20 years.

“This is probably one of the neatest concepts I’ve seen,” he said.

Christina Solomita, another customer and fan of Taco Bus, raved about the food and the service at Taco Bus.

“They’re super cool,” Solomita said. “The food is fresh, it’s always hot, and there’s amazing service.”

She is also excited about the long opening hours.

“If you have the munchies late at night, you can still come here and get really good homemade food,” she said.

Most locations are open until 4 a.m. Some locations operate continuously Thursday through Saturday.

Taco Bus will be ringing in the new year with a new location in Sarasota. There are also plans to expand the Taco Bus family to Lakeland and Feather Sound.

Taco Bus 2
The original Taco Bus location on Hillsborough Avenue
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