The face of USF’s Gamma Phi Beta seasons with busy life as re-elected president

USF’s Panhellenic Community congratulates President Ashley Gabriel as she enters her second term. (Photograph retrieved from Panhellenic Sorority Life Facebook Page.)

Thirty emails answered, two homework assignments completed and one chapter read from her textbook “Operations Management.” While many of her peers at USF are still in bed or fighting to stay awake in their 9 a.m. labs, Ashley Gabriel has already crossed off a few items on her to-do list.

Busy is an understatement for Gabriel, 21, who seems to have mastered her time management skills by juggling two majors, a part-time job on campus and the responsibilities of leading 120 sorority women.

“If I’m not answering emails as the president, I’m meeting a member or adviser as president. It’s an all day, everyday job,” Gabriel said.

And it doesn’t look like things will be slowing down for her either. On Nov. 23, the Eta Eta Chapter of Gamma Phi Beta voted for Gabriel as their chapter president for the 2015 term.

This election marks the beginning of Gabriel’s second term as her sorority’s president.

“I’m so excited that Ashley is our president again. She did a good job of bringing us out of a shaky semester,” said Kim Lam, one of Gabriel’s sorority sisters.

Gamma Phi Beta recently celebrated their second anniversary of joining USF’s Panhellenic community. Being a new sorority in an already established Greek community brings its own set of challenges.

The chapter had a difficult officer transition earlier this year and eventually led to some resignations on the executive council. Gabriel was one of the members who rose to the challenge of taking on a position in the middle of a term.

“I originally thought about doing another position but our chapter’s first president encouraged me to submit an officer interest form,” Gabriel said.

Lam said she was “grateful” that Gabriel listened.

“She really reminded us why we love our organization,” Lam said. “Her leadership really made me remember why I joined and it encouraged me to get more involved in my chapter.”

Amanda Carlton echoed Lam’s sentiments and helped convince Gabriel to run for a second term.

“She’s not afraid to be direct and assertive, but Ashley always does it in a professional manner,” Carlton said. “She has a clear vision for the chapter and her hard work shows.”

Carlton worked closely with Gabriel as the financial vice president on the sorority’s executive council. But she also knows Gabriel’s fun side.

“I love that she can make everyone laugh and have a great time but also knows when it’s time to get serious and really get things done,” Carlton said. “She’s an efficient leader and she does it in a way that’s not bossy or rude.”

Gabriel said that she did not campaign for a second term, but was willing to serve if it was what the chapter wanted.

Gabriel said the she enjoys the perks of being the chapter’s president.

“I love the opportunities that Gamma Phi gives us. I was able to go to Convention this past summer and meet a lot of Gamma Phi Beta alumnae including our international president,” she said. “Seeing what kind of impact they’ve made makes me excited to be a Gamma Phi as an alum.”

Gabriel is optimistic about what the upcoming year holds for the Eta Eta Chapter.

“I’m excited for our chapter to grow even more and have a bigger presence in USF’s Greek community,” she said. “I see the potential in our chapter and I’m confident that we can come together and show everyone why we love our organization so much.”