USF student’s leadership role shows no limits


Photo Credit: Bull for Kids/ Dance Marathon

Phoebe Joseph, a senior political science major with a minor in economics, works as the Assistant Director of Communications at the USF Tampa Campus. As part of the Executive Branch of Student Government, Joseph is a paid part-time employee in addition to being a full-time student. She hopes to use her experience in governmental work to help others.

“Politics to me is doing things for the people,” Joseph said.

She went on to explain that the program allows students to be a part of Student Government without the pressure of committing to the leadership alone. Other students volunteer at events, which alleviates some of the pressure of organizing an event by themselves.


Joseph has taken on many leadership roles and responsibilities throughout her college years. She was the Orientation Team Leader, Recruitment Coordinator and Promotions Chair for Bulls for Kid/Dance Marathon , and was the Peer Leader of the USF University Experience.

“I help the Communications Department with social media, making sure our student outreach programs work and help run Bull Marketing and Street Team.”

Ever humble, Joseph says much of the success of these programs derives from the work produced from the volunteers’ efforts. Her advice to other students is simple and to the point.

“To try. To give it a shot and put yourself out there. You can always learn something from people.”

This past spring Joseph was a Legislative Intern for State Representative Larry Ahern in Tallahassee. Josephs responsibilities included taking care of general office tasks and preparing talking points and arguments for legislation.

Gustavo Lopez, Senator of the College of Arts and Sciences at USF spoke nicely of his fellow co-worker.

“Phoebe and I never had a class together, and I only know her with involvement from Student Government- Dance Marathon,” Lopez said. “She respects herself and shows it through her actions. It shows highly of her.”

Maggie Hall, who is also the Director of Communications for Student Government, shared her thoughts about Joseph’s work ethic.

Bulls For Kids is something we are both apart of, I am actually on her committee,” Hall said. “I know that Bulls For Kids is something Phoebe holds near and dear to her heart, and works extremely hard to make it the best organization as possible. Phoebe definitely inspires me to stick to my heart, and work hard to follow my dreams. Her strengths and weaknesses go together. Because she is such a people pleaser, which is awesome, a lot of the time she tends to put others before herself and gets distracted doing other things. Overall she is an amazing person.”

A leader shows dedication and compassion for others. Based on her colleagues’ statements, Phoebe Joseph does just that. Her work for organizations and volunteering sets an example for others who want to take a role in leadership. She sets the tone by example, showing that a little bit of hard work and perseverance gives strength to others.

Joseph, despite her commitment to improving USF and her fellow students’ condition, does find time for herself. A want-to-be jet-setter, India and New York are on her travel shortlist.

It takes confidence, something to really step out of your comfort zone and be willing to be able to put yourself out there,” Joseph said. “I definitely didn’t get to this position without trying out for some things that I didn’t get, and being sad and heartbroken. I want to help people. That has always been my goal.”