USF graduate manages Florida representative campaign


Brian Goff, University of South Florida graduate, is the campaign manager for Rep. Amanda Murphy State House District 36 in Pasco County.

Goff works approximately 85 hours a week on the campaign. His duties include coordinating volunteers, writing speeches for the representative, designing mailers, managing the representative’s schedule, planning events and fundraisers and managing the campaign’s budget.

“My duties as campaign manager are pretty much anything and everything” Goff said. “I do everything that needs to happen on a day-to-day basis to make sure that the machine, the campaign apparatus, runs smoothly and efficiently.”

Goff began working campaigns as an intern and has managed three races. Two of them being Amanda Murphy’s.

“The campaign manager runs the campaign,” said Murphy. “Without them you will fall apart. They are the driving force of any campaign, so it’s the first and most important piece.

“He was actually part of the team that brought me into being a candidate and they brought him down to staff my campaign during my special election” said Murphy. “This guy is running 24/7 trying to keep track of all the bits and pieces and make sure that everyone else has the items they need to go out and do their job.”

Voters of District 36 can vote for Amanda Murphy or her opponent, Chris Gregg, November 4th.  This is Goff’s third campaign, and he says he feels confident.

“Out of all the campaigns I’ve worked on I’ve never lost one yet” Goff said.