Local radio hosts work to find homes for dogs

Bay area radio personalities Phoebe Kushner from Hot 101.5 and Danielle McBroom from 97X love animals so much that they co-founded Dog of the Week at their radio stations with the Pinellas Humane Society.

Kushner wanted to work on a cause she believed in and she knew the Pinellas Humane Society would be a good match for her.

“My first dog I ever had was from the Humane Society of Pinellas County, his name was Comet,” Kushner said. “I have two dogs of my own and so I wanted to do something for the community and something that really mattered to me. Dogs and animals matter to me, so we started having the Pinellas Humane Society come in every week.”

McBroom joined Kushner with this cause.

“One of the reasons I love working with them is because they are a no-kill shelter, so dogs are there until they find homes,” McBroom said of the Humane Society.

Every week, The Pinellas Humane Society comes in to their studios and bring a dog with them. Kushner and McBroom take pictures of the dog of the week and start plugging and raising awareness for them. Between their voices and their computers, they always get the word out.

“When you spotlight them on social media where we have over 60,000 followers. . . we have a very high success rate,” McBroom said.

“I always talk about it on air and I send people and drive people to our website and our Facebook to have people check out videos and pictures of the dogs,” Kushner said. “Then I just hit every form of social media.”

Kushner and McBroom have been working together for this cause for more than two years. Together, the two are finding homes for these dogs one week at a time.

For more information, visit humanesocietyofpinellas.org to get in contact directly with the organization, or follow 97X and Hot 101.5 on Twitter and Facebook to see the dogs that get selected each week.