Tractor Takes Police on Slow-Speed Chase

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The average speed of a tractor in the United States is 20 to 25 mph.

Drivers in rural areas know this all too well. Tractors slow down two-lane traffic and drive people trying to get to work crazy.

But in downtown Denver?

According to Fox News, a driver of a stolen John Deere tractor decided to test Denver police’s nerves Friday.

The pursuit began in the City Park area, where the Denver Zoo is located, and developed into a slow 30-minute chase, eventually ending in the city’s Lower Downtown neighborhood, near the Coors Field baseball stadium, Denver Police spokesman Tyrone Campbell told Denver’s KMGH-TV.

Authorities said the tractor hit multiple vehicles and some buildings were damaged. Police decided to stop the tractor by striking it head-on to end the chase before any pedestrians got hurt.

The suspect gave authorities a run for their money, swerving onto the sidewalk and in and out of traffic.

Viewers of the pursuit were shocked by the number of police cars that followed the tractor. One man compared the chase to a parade due to the stream of cruisers.

Unless he mowed over someone with that tractor, I think this is a bit overkill on the police side. That’s 11 police cars…

Posted by Waylon Schutt on Saturday, July 21, 2018

Out of all the participants in the slow-speed pursuit, two police officers and the suspect were injured.

CBS Denver reported that the driver had been identified by police Sunday.

NEW INFO:Denver police identified the man accused of stealing a Denver Water tractor and leading them on a chase through downtown Denver as 38-year-old Thomas Busch.

Posted by CBS Denver on Sunday, July 22, 2018

Now that he’s been identified, maybe he can answer everyone’s questions. For one, where exactly was he going?

Wherever his destination might have been, at least he used his flashers to alert other drivers.

Some Twitter users even remixed the videos that surfaced into music videos.

However, this isn’t quite the typical music video for a country song.

Starbucks Announces Location For The Deaf

Starbucks is supporting the deaf and hard of hearing community in a huge way. The company confirmed on Thursday that they will be converting a location in Washington D.C. into a “Signing Store.” USA Today reported that the store will be hiring 20 to 25 people who know American Sign Language for this location.

While this is not their first ASL store, it is the first in the U.S. The original is located in Malaysia and opened in 2016.

The reactions to the news have been seen as positive and that Starbucks is taking an important step into making their stores inclusive for everyone.

But every announcement will bring someone with a different opinion.

A project such as this is sure to take some time. This is not the first ASL store that Starbucks has opened, it just happens to be the first in the United States. In 2015, a video was captured in the drive-thru of a Florida Starbucks of a woman communicating through sign language with an employee.

Starbucks! This is what I'm talking about! ❤️Share it away! We can change the world! :)For Licensing/Usage Please contact

Posted by Rebecca King on Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Starbucks has shown how their business is inclusive and may only grow in the future, possibly expanding on the idea of “signing stores.”

The development of this new inclusive store is coming after Starbucks was criticized for discrimination when two African-American males were arrested while waiting for another member of their party to arrive. The issue was settled and several weeks later, Starbucks closed their stores for racial-bias training.

This is also just one of many announcements Starbucks has made over the past few months. Starbucks also announced last week that they would be fazing out plastic straws in their stores by 2020. They will be replaced with a strawless lid and will also have a straw alternative made from recyclable materials. This has already gone into effect in some areas of the United States.

The new ASL store is scheduled to open in October near Gallaudet University.


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Starbucks Going Strawless By 2020

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We’ve seen them disappearing from coffee shops, restaurants and cafés in St. Petersburg, but now plastic straws will also be phased out at Starbucks locations worldwide.

The coffee company announced this month that they will be removing plastic straws from all of their stores by 2020.  This will help eliminate more than 1 billion plastic straws per year, according to Starbucks.

The new initiative is a major move for the company that continues to improve its sustainability efforts. Recently, Starbucks also committed $10 million to develop recyclable, compostable cups for their hot beverages.

In order to eliminate plastic straws, Starbucks will be introducing a new plastic lid that features a raised lip that you can drink from. The new lids will be used on iced beverages that previously used flat plastic lids and green plastic straws. Frappuccinos, that feature whipped cream on top will still be served with their plastic dome lids, however the plastic straws will be swapped out for straws made of compostable plastic or paper.

Photo Credit: Starbucks/ Twitter.

Starbucks isn’t the only one to jump on the strawless bandwagon. McDonald’s announced last month that they are switching to paper straws in the United Kingdom and Ireland. They’re planning to have completely eliminated plastic straws at their restaurants in those locations by 2019.

Plastic straws are not biodegradable and contribute to ocean pollution, which is why there is such a push to eliminate single-use plastic straws.

In USA alone, 500 million straws are used every single day. We use straws for around twenty minutes before we toss them away, which is an astonishingly quick lifespan for an item that will be on the planet forever. Straws also contain BPA, and can’t be recycled.


Some governments have taken notice of the pollution caused by plastic straws and their threat on marine life, so they have banned them all together. Oakland and Berkley, California are among the cities who have banned disposable plastic straws.

St. Petersburg has yet to ban plastic straws, but the city’s residents and businesses are making strides in that direction. I Love The Burg, a popular local blog, along with local officials, started a campaign called, “No Straws St. Pete”. They are asking local businesses and patrons to reduce their carbon footprint and help eliminate plastic pollution in our coastal community. Many restaurants in the area have already adopted this idea and have eliminated plastic straws.

Photo Credit: I Love The Burg St.Pete/ Facebook

Still not sold on the no straw movement? While Starbucks is hoping most people accept their new “sippy cup” style lid, they will offer eco-friendly straws upon special request.

The new lids are going to roll out this fall, starting with locations in Canada and Seattle.

Social Media Slams Trump After Helsinki Conference

TAMPA- President Donald Trump faced criticism on social media following his news conference Monday with Russian President Vladimir Putin due to a statement he made about Putin’s possible involvement with the 2016 presidential election.

During the news conference in Helsinki, Trump answered a question that seemed to take Putin’s side and diss America when he was asked whether or not Russia had anything to do with meddling in the 2016 election.

According to multiple sources, Trump stated that he didn’t see any reason why Russia would have hacked the election. One particular statement sent the internet into a frenzy.

I don’t see any reason why it would be.

After the conference, people immediately took to social media and expressed their thoughts.

Even celebrities chimed in.

But Trump didn’t seem too bothered by any of the negativity. He referred to his fellow tweeters as haters.

Despite his carefree tweets, the negativity from the internet must have eventually gotten to Trump because sources reported 24 hours later that he claimed to have misspoken during the news conference and what he really meant to say was wouldn’t instead of would.


White man calls police after being fouled during pickup game

By Henry Brown

After Donald Trump became president, racial discrimination has been surfacing on social media. From calling the police for going to the pool to now getting fouled at a basketball pickup game.

According to the New York Post, cops responded to a call late Monday at an LA Fitness about an “aggressive screen” from a player.

A “screen” is a blocking move by an offensive player, by standing behind or beside a defender. This move is used to free a player from an opponent to drive, pass, or score the ball. This move is innocently used throughout the courts in the U.S.

“No punches were thrown. Nothing.”

A witness tweeted a photo of the police questioning the people involved. The man in the blue gym shorts was identified as the person who committed the foul.

After this tweet, the hashtag #FlagrantFreddy went viral joining #PermitPatty and #CouponCarl. These situations are the result of a white person racially profiling a black person for doing normal things like using a coupon at a grocery store and having a barbecue at a park.

None of the other players took the “injured” player seriously until he went to the front desk to complain. Then, the LA Fitness desk called the dispatcher for assault on the court.

A witness recorded video of the deputies arriving at what they thought was a fight.

“This is my first basketball foul,” said the deputy.

After the dramatic incident, the “injured” player actually ended up finishing the game.

The story was featured on Revolt TV’s “Donkey of the Day” radio broadcast by Charlamagne the God.

This is nothing new. The U.S. has a long history of racism. According to a study conducted by the Domestic Human Rights Program of Amnesty International, racial profiling has increased since the 9/11 attacks.

Search for Answer to NFL Anthem Debate Continues

By Sophie Bocksnick

TAMPA – It’s been almost two years since Colin Kaepernick, the former San Francisco 49ers quarterback, first kneeled during a preseason National Football League (NFL) game to protest racial injustice and police brutality.  Since then the NFL has been working to find a way to respect those who have served, while also allowing free speech for NFL players.

The NFL initially announced in May 2018 that all players who are on the field during the national anthem are required to stand. Players also have the option to sit out of the anthem and wait in the locker room. Teams whose players refused to cooperate would be given a fine.

Recently, the NFL has decided to suspend their national anthem policy. President Donald Trump, a proponent of the policy, was not happy with this suspension.

Trump suggests that a player who kneels during the national anthem for the first time should not be allowed to play that game. He believes the second violation should result in the player being taken out for the season with no pay.

The Associated Press recently obtained a document from the Miami Dolphins that stated that players who kneeled during the national anthem would be given a punishment up to a four-game suspension. Dolphins owner, Stephen Ross, gave a statement saying he hadn’t decided whether or not to discipline players who protested the anthem.

According to NBC News, about 200 NFL players, 12 percent of all players, have chosen to kneel during at least one game. The response of the public has been very mixed.

Some people have been very supportive of the NFL anthem policy suspension.

Others believe that kneeling during the national anthem is disrespectful to those who have served.

The NFL has been looking for ways to come to a fair but reasonable conclusion to this problem. It’s an option to play the national anthem before the players come out of the locker room. The players didn’t start standing on the field during the anthem until 2009. Before then, players would stay in the locker room while the anthem was played. Returning to the previous way may help dissolve the issue.

Others argue that imposing requirements on players during the national anthem shows the league supporting racial oppression. If the NFL were to let the protest run its course, it would show the public it is in support of civil liberties and rights. It’s unlikely that players will stay silent, even if they are forced to stay in the locker room during the national anthem. As Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross told NBC News, “When it comes down to it, the United States of America was born out of protest and revolution. It’s in our DNA.”

Featured photo Washington Redskins National Anthem Kneeling by Keith Allison (CC BY-SA)