USF Students Welcome New Living Community

Every university has those infamous dorms – built decades ago – that the university is still leasing out to students each year. USF’s version of these dorms are in the Andros community, and after 50 years, Andros is finally being remodeled.

Some of the big changes include new and improved dorms, retail stores and even an on-campus Publix grocery store. Carolina Zapatas, a current resident, welcomes the changes.

“Knocking all this down is better for the new students because it will bring new opportunities and nicer living areas,” said Zapatas.

Not only will the dorms be nicer but they will also house 1000 more students. Creating bigger dorms is an attempt by USF to get more students to live on campus, and to get away from the university’s “commuter school” reputation.

Adding retail stores and an on-campus grocery store are incentives for students to live on campus because everything they need will be walking distance.

“I think it’s a great idea that they are building a Publix on campus so all the students living on campus who don’t have cars, can just walk there and won’t have to worry or take a bus,” said former Andros resident Isabella Wilson.

There has been no official confirmation of which retail stores will be available on campus, but the Publix will be built by the end of 2017.



USF Provides Safe Opportunity to Study Abroad

Studying abroad has always been on a typical student’s college bucket list. However, is studying abroad still considered safe during today’s times?

Adam Hardy, a study abroad ambassador for USF seems to thinks so.

“USF is one of the very few if not the only university in Florida that has two 24/7 risk and security officers,” Hardy said. “Basically they are dedicated around the clock to monitor everything from political climate to small logistical things like, let’s pick this location because it has this amount of mileage from x police stations.”

Not only do study abroad ambassadors do extensive research on locations to keep students safe, they also hold seminars to help prepare students for some of the possible effects of studying abroad like reverse culture shock.

“I do believe that studying abroad is safe. It’s a cool experience you get to meet new people and get out of your comfort zone”  Courtney Wise said.

Wise is a USF student that has studied abroad in Greece. If given another opportunity to do so, Wise said she would definitely study abroad again.

For more information about studying abroad through USF, visit the Education Abroad office located on the third floor of the Marshall Student Center.

USF alumni eats like a caveman

 A young entrepreneur has taken her passion for eating healthy and combined it with her passion for cookies to create her own company Base Culture. This company is not like any other sweets retailer that sales brownies and banana bread; all of the products are paleo friendly, meaning they follow the popular Paleo Diet.

“The Paleo Diet is nicknamed the caveman diet for a reason” says Base Culture founder Jordann Windschauer, “If you were to follow the Paleo Diet, you eat meat, vegetables, seeds, nuts, and fruit.” Windschauer praises the diet and even goes on to say that she felt “more alive than ever and had more energy than she had had in years.”

While the Paleo Diet did have its ups it also had its downs. Windschauer enjoyed the new found energy boost, but she also missed all the sweets she used to eat.

“You know it got really hard not being able to just grab banana bread on the way to work in the morning. I looked for products that could satisfy my sweet tooth but would also satisfy paleo requirements but there were none” said Windschauer. It was that same day she took matters into her own hand and stated creating “sweets” that were made solely from seeds, nuts, and fruits.

She then took her paleo friendly sweets she baked to her local gym to share with her friends and they became an instant hit. People soon began offering compensation for her products, and overnight the company Base Culture was created.

Many customers have claimed to not even taste the difference between paleo friendly brownies and regular brownies. “I just tasted it and it’s actually really good and it’s awesome that it’s really healthy” said satisfied customer Lexi Ashby.

The idea of paleo friendly products has taken the market by force. Since the company’s beginning in 2013, Base Culture products are now available in over 50 stores nationwide and will soon be available in Walmart.





USF Housing Community looks for new resident assistants

The Housing Community of the University of South Florida is choosing the Resident Assistants of the 2016-2017 school year.

USF has multiple open spots for students who want to apply to be part of the R.A. team.

“My favorite part about being an R.A. is the constant interaction I have with residents on a daily basis,” said Aislinn Jolicoeur.

Jolicoeur is a second year USF R.A., and she plans on being one for this school year as well.

She currently lives in Epsilon hall, a USF freshman dorm.

“She’s very helpful, and she helps me a lot with homework because we are in the same major and have similar classes,” freshman Yvette Cheesman said. “It’s my first time away from home and it’s nice to have someone here to watch over you. That’s not overbearing like a parent would.”

Chessman said that R.A. “Ace” has made her transition to college easier.

There is a very selective process when picking the R.A.s, but Jolicouer said they choose a diverse amount of students for the position, and it truly is a life changing one.

R.A.s have an impact by helping students transfer from home to college life.

Final decisions on the students who were selected for the position will be available during the first week of March.