MOSI plans new exhibit



The Tampa Museum of Science and Industry is working on adding a new major exhibit that is scheduled to be up and running sometime this year.

“We’re not quite ready to reveal any secrets just yet,” said Megan Haskins, a member of MOSI Marketing and Communications, “but let’s just say we have some very exciting things coming, hopefully as early as the fall, so stand by.”

MOSI used to have a history of hosting traveling exhibits, such as a Titanic exhibit or Bodies, but in recent years the museum staff has decided to halt those and instead create their own new exhibits.

“We’ve decided to take an internal look at our core experience,” said Tanya Vomaka, Vice President of Guest Experience and Marketing. “We’ve been working very hard on updating our current visitor experience.”

While the museum staff has been very quiet about their new exhibit, they have said it has something to do with “looking to the future.”

The last major new addition to the museum was the inclusion of a 3-D printer exhibit, where visitors can watch the printer in action and see some of its creations.

The entertainment and education the museum provides makes it popular with families, getting roughly 500,000 to 800,000 guests per year, despite the big theme parks nearby.

MOSI admission is only a little over $20, and as a non-profit organization, ticket prices help to fund summer camp programs, MOSI’s own education classes and various scholarships.

Tarpon Springs hair stylist perseveres despite health woes, car crashing into salon

After having a car crash through the wall of her salon, a Tarpon Springs woman has been able to keep her business afloat.

In July 2009, two teenagers were evading police after refusing a routine traffic stop, authorities said.

After they sped off, the car slid and crashed through the walls of CK & Company Hair Designs, authorities said.

The teens then fled the scene but were apprehended by police at 2 that morning, authorities said.

Catherine Koursiotis, a stylist for over 30, had to deal with a 10-foot hole in the wall of her salon in the wake of a cardiac catheterization gone wrong earlier that year.

“It was an interesting year, but I’m a survivor. I just keep plugging on, baby,” Koursiotis said.

She improvised, walled up the hole with plywood and was ready to cut hair the next morning.

Koursiotis continues to cut hair and plans to open an advanced beauty education center to teach the next generation of stylists and to help them with their careers.

“(Koursiotis is) not a teacher, (she is) a mentor,” said Pedro Rodriguez, a barber working in her salon. “(She is) someone who’s going to help you and guide you through whatever you’re going through and teach you about ups and downs.”

President’s State of the Union Address instigates strong opinions

On Jan. 20,  President Barack Obama gave the annual State of the Union Address, inciting strong reactions from both sides.

While several issues brought up were very important, one that many supported was the president’s proposal for free community college.

“I think it’s a great opportunity, especially now that it’s so hard to get a job even with a degree,” said Alyson Strand, president of the USF College Democrats.

Not only students, but parents as well, agreed with the Obama’s proposal.

“I’m a mom, and I have kids that are gonna go to college,” said Evelyn Kikta, “I mean, there’s no doubt about it. And we would like that to be accessible without my kids getting out with huge debt.”

Even though many thought highly of the Obama’s speech, some were more critical of the president’s stance on certain issues.

“Not planning for having to take care of ourselves in the future does not bide will with me,” said Charles Jarvis, veteran and retiree. “And I’m talking strictly military.”

Others criticized Obama’s decrease of the military, as well as the government’s seeming inaction with other recent world issues.

“I don’t want to see a war,” said Jarvis. “But you cannot stop a war by doing nothing. The Second World War was caused mainly because the whole world stood back and did nothing.”

Following the State of the Union, Obama met with the Dalai Lama at a lunch event.