KES The Band brings Caribbean flair to USF

Kees Dieffenthaller and DJ Robbie perform at the Caribbean Culture Exchange’s general body meeting. (Photo by Jasmin Lankford)

The energy in the room was electrifying. Toes were tapping and hands were clapping to the rhythm of Caribbean drums, guitars and a single soulful voice. Instantly, a woman felt as if she was standing on a beach in Trinidad, surrounded by clear water. Instead, she was inside the Marshall Student Center at the University of South Florida.

The music of KES The Band transported its listeners to the island it originated from, combining calypso music with R&B and reggae to create soca. USF’s Caribbean Cultural Exchange hosted this temporary island escape. The student organization treated its members on Oct. 15 to a meet and greet with KES.

“I have to say blessings to my management,” said Kees Dieffenthaller, the lead singer of KES. “They listen to what I want to do, and I really want to meet young people, vibe and just talk.”

Dieffenthaller visited the CCE’s general body meeting to answer questions from USF students and to sing several songs.

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U.S. Maj. Gen. Loeffke: Medicine is the best medicine to mend U.S.-China relations

Maj. Gen. Loeffke lecturing at USF Patel Center. Image from USF World News.

Maj. Gen. Loeffke spoke for an hour in the Patel Center for Global Solutions on Sept. 19. He theorized a way to grow trust between the U.S. and China.

“I would like to live in a world that is connected through medicine,” Loeffke said.

With a 36-year military career in the United States Army, four Silver Stars, five Bronze Stars and a Purple Heart, Loeffke is committed to world peace and a better relationship between nations.

He also co-authored an OP-ED for the New York Times on U.S.-China relations recently.

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