Bearss Groves Farmers Market Grows Over Time

Tampa Bay is home to many farmers markets, but Bearss Groves located on Lake Magdalene Boulevard in North Tampa has been around since 1894. The market sells a variety of foods including fruits, vegetables and homemade food.

Prior to becoming a farmers market, Bearss Groves was home to a giant orange grove that was eventually removed due to citrus greening and the Tristeza virus.

Marty and Louise Bearss, a Tampa foundation family, were the original owners of the market until 2006, when long time friends Barry and Courtney Lawrence took over.

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Tampa adults take to the kick ball field

The Kick Ball Society of Tampa Bay is an organization that provides a fun, social and athletic outlet for any adults interested.

Operations Manager Steven Israel has been with the organization from the very beginning and is pleased to witness its growth in such little time.

“There are so many teams that make up this organization; it’s amazing,” said Israel.  “It’s just $69 for the entire season, and for that you will take away lasting memories and relationships.”

Susie Mattos, league player for the team “Where My Pitches At,” is a first time member and has nothing but good things to say about the organization and her teammates.

“Since I began, my social life has expanded tremendously,” Mattos said. “I have met so many people throughout my time here and it has served as such a huge stress reliever.”

Joffrey’s Coffee and Tea Supports Tampa Bay Artists With Inaugural Event

Joffrey’s Coffee and Tea held their inaugural event “Art of the Roast” for the arts on Sept. 9.

CEO and president of Joffrey’s Coffee and Tea, Ted Abrams, has been with the company since 2001 and had one major thing in mind: brewing success.

“What we are trying to do with this event is to create,” Abrams said. “We do a quarterly coffee so at the beginning of every quarter on a calendar basis we come out with a new origin of coffee that has a great story behind it. What we are looking to do is to commandeer local artists in Tampa Bay to create our first quarter 2015 coffee.”

Ivaldo Robles, a local artist present at “Art of the Roast,” showcased his work on abstract expressionism.

“I believe that art is very important for the community in Tampa and all over the world,” Robles said. “It represents an important subject for all communities for children and adults to have an open view of the culture of that community and to have a venue to be creative and to open up new opportunities in the future and this is a great part of it.”

The company was established in Tampa Bay in 1984. Joffrey’s continues to draw inspiration from the arts, originally from the great American dance troupe, the Joffrey Ballet, which coincides with their company name.

Joffrey’s Coffee and Tea offers more than 100 varieties of coffees and teas and in 2012 become the official specialty coffee of Walt Disney World, Disneyland Resort and Disney Vacation Club.

Joffrey’s Coffee and Tea is located in Ybor where locals are fortunate enough to experience world-class coffee.