Old Tampa cigar factory repurposes property, emerges as community cornerstone


A historic three-story brick building has become a hot spot for artists in Tampa.

Santaella Studio for the ArtsBuilt in 1904 by wealthy cigar maker Antonio Santaella, the building was the home of the Santaella Cigar Factory.

The Santaella Cigar Factory was not only known for being one of the largest and most Babe Ruth at Santaella Cigar Factoryefficiently equipped factories in the city, but also for being Babe Ruth’s favorite place to stock up on cigars.


After being vacant for four years, Gray Ellis never thought he’d come to be the owner of such a factory.

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Merry Christmas, Charlie Brown comes to Tampa



Are you in the Christmas spirit and looking for something to do with your family? No worries because the Merry Christmas, Charlie Brown exhibition has just arrived to the Tampa Bay History Center.

“The Charlie Brown Christmas special is such an iconic TV show. It’s something that has aired every year for 59 years,” said Rodney Kite-Powell,  curator of History at the Tampa Bay History Center.

The 59-year anniversary is a main reason the exhibition was brought to Tampa Bay.

According to Kite-Powell, his committee waited for three years before the Charles M. Schulz Museum in California approved the history center of showcasing the seasonal exhibition.

The exhibition includes: reproduced comic strips, the famous Charlie Brown Christmas tree, a Santa letter writing station for children, many novelties and some Tampa Bay Christmas history.

“It’s neat to see the bigger strips because I haven’t read comics in years,” said local resident Casey Christopher.

Entrance to the exhibition is included in the admission price of the Tampa Bay History Center and will be open until January 11, 2015. For more details on the exhibition and its daily activities, please visit: http://tampabayhistorycenter.org

East Lake children’s librarian writes her own chapters


The job of a children’s librarian is one that some believe is boring and only involves stocking shelves with books. Despite the fact that the media or even books we read can portray this idea, the position entails more than what some describe.

“I purchase all the materials for the children. That includes the books, videos and toys that they play with,” children’s librarian of East Lake Community Library Susan Schuler said. “I also develop my own programs.”

This month Schuler has already put together a Halloween Costume Swap and Frozen sing-along program.

While Schuler enjoys putting events together there is one thing she loves most.

“What I love most about my job is what librarians call reader’s advisory,” Schuler said.

Reader’s advisory is assistance from a librarian in finding a book suited for an individual.

Schuler’s hard work is not only appreciated from children and parents, but also from her coworkers and volunteers.

“Susan and I work really well together,” assistant children’s librarian Daniele Forrester said. “We are of the same mind about a lot of things and we end up finishing up each other’s sentences a lot.”

The librarian has evolved over the years, and Schuler believes that if someone is unable to have fun in a position such as hers then they must be doing something wrong.


USF Career Services Fair Connects Students with Job Opportunities


USF Career Services hosted its Internship & Part-Time Job Fair Wednesday. The career fair, hosted at least once every semester, provides students with an opportunity to land internships or part-time jobs that could turn into full-time employment after graduation.

“I’m looking for either an internship or part-time job while I’m at school,” graduate student Susan Mendez said. “I already have a bachelor’s degree in philosophy, and I’m here to take prerequisite courses to be eligible for a master’s in economics.”

Susan was among the 350 students in attendance looking to change their post graduation luck.

But what student qualities are of interest to employers at the career fair?

“What we are looking for in a student is that leadership quality,” Target Sr. Field Campus Recruiter Grace Blankenship said. “So being able to work with the team and to lead others and also to drive for results.”

While every employer may look for specific qualities or abilities, the 22 employers at Wednesday’s event were hoping to offer internships and part-time positions to USF students.

“So I only found two, actually three, that I was actually interested in,” said Mendez. “I talked to Target and USF HR, but Tampa Bay Lighting – there wasn’t a spoke person there. So I didn’t get to talk to them.”

Mendez said her next step was to apply and talk with those in different departments, to see what they are looking for.

For a list of future USF career fairs, including the upcoming spring session, visit: www.usf.edu/career-services.